Kentia Palms

One of the most durable indoor plants available, the Kentia palm is beautiful, elegant, and very easy to take care. If you’re looking for a plant that looks good without much hassle, the Kentia is definitely something to consider.

Areca Palms

Although not traditionally thought of as an indoor plant, Arecas nonetheless make a great addition to any indoor landscape. Our Areca Palms are specially grown to withstand harsh indoor conditions of poor light and watering schedules. If you’re looking from something different, our Arecas are definitely the choice.

Rhapis Palms

This hardy, cold tolerant palm is a versatile and very strong plant. Excellent for the indoors, its rich, dark green color allows it to sustain more shade than other indoor plants. It is also known as the “Lady Palm” due to their beauty.

Fishtail Palms

Also known as Caryotas, these beautiful palms have a unique leaf that gives them their name. Definitely a unique plant.